When I used to weighs 42KG!!!

When I used to weighs 42KG!!!

When I was in school I used to look at my seniors lifting heavy weights , look at those eggs which came out in form of their biceps and think about how lucky they are to have such mind blowing personality. Usually bodybuilders are tough looking guys Everyone praise them because of their body and maintains a distance .

I still remember, once I was standing outside the gym and looking at my seniors doing their workout and a guy came from inside and asked me to go from there because only super seniors were allowed to do workout. I was waiting for the day when I will be supersenior and gonna BOOM

But irony was that how can a thin, skinny guy who weighs 42 KG think of such extraordinary physique.

It’s obvious if someone is skinny, he feels dominated, people starts calling him by different names. Every thin guy passes through it like

” hawa k jhoke uda denge “

After waiting for so long I was finally in class 12th. I was the happiest because now I would be hitting gym and gonna be strong and muscular.

It is truly said

” if you are trying something which is never expected out of you, people are going to pull your leg and make jokes because they never thought of and Will try their best to make you feel low”

Your so called friends starts giving you advises which they also never heard about like

” pahle mota ho ja Warna Jo hai wo bhi chala jayega”

Gym trainer asked me to do 50 Hindu pushups and 50 push ups daily and that’s it. He asked me to eat in excess. For couple of months I did the same workout but

To be honest

I lost 1 kg more and that was very disappointing . I used to eat in excess and was the last guy in mess during the meal hours after so much changes and hard work I was still not getting any results.
But as we say GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME so
I didn’t loose hope. I added more carbohydrates and fats in my diet.

I used to eat like a champion. I used to eat in every two hours. It can be anything, doesn’t matter. Just eat.

To be honest, those two hours in gym passed just like a pinch of seconds. Those hours were the best part of my day And another best part is sleep. After eating so much and workout your sleep would be like you never had that before.

Slowly I increased my number of repetitions of Hindu Pushups & Pull ups.

‌Finally after six months I gained 3-4 KG and yes, everyone could see that. It was like kicking their ass who were trolling you & that thing worked like ultimate motivation. Now I can do anything for that praise. And I realised that FITNESS IS LIKE A RELATIONSHIP! YOU CAN’T CHEAT AND EXCEPT IT TO WORKOUT

This is how I started what’s your DM me.

What I feel is everything, is about passion. If you have passion for anything, no one can stop you ever.


I am exhausted 

Life is not a four alphabet word but it’s a word which didn’t have any limits. 7.5 billion people live in this world. One in 7.5 billion everyone has their own life. No matter it is poor or rich, no matter it is male, female, bisexual or any trans. They all are living their life.

 Have you ever imagine if you were poor, if you didn’t have those basic necessity than what circumstances you will be facing today . Thing is everyone have their own expectations and the limit of expectation. If one is a poor, they will never say that they want a bunglow, they will say that they just want a basic needs without making more human effort means smart work. If you ask a middle class person their expectation may be of living in a high class society. Everyone has their own expectations and its limits. 

There is vast difference what we think in our mind and what we want to say by heart. I always regret when I say something wrong to anyone because I don’t think before saying anything, I just speak out. Anger is one of the biggest vulnerability in our lives. I have saw people spoiling their life just because of their pride and anger. There are times when I speak something in anger to my parents and after some time I feel regret that I should not do that. They didn’t expect me saying that, I made them sad. But then also I don’t get much courage to go and say sorry to them,I just let it go.

There are times when I feel like crying when I saw helpless people. I want to help them but then also I can’t be able to do that. 

Sometimes I feel like there should be one to whom I can share my feelings, thought’s but hopefully there are no one. Because reality is no one have much time and interest in other stories. Today reality is everyone cares about there social media, cares about there Instagram but no one is social in real personal life. Here people’s are so mean, no one can see other success. Everyone are crying from inside but act like they are most happy person in the world. Like they are the only one who are enjoying there life. Sometimes I feel like yes this world should end soon. It’s better die rather than living in this materialistic world. 

 So I always decided to share my feelings to this WordPress. I don’t write to make it read to someone, I just write because I feels like there is someone with whom I also can share anything. 

Are you in your Time Zone? 

Do you think you are going NO WHERE in life. Just Stop. And take a long breath and Read this, 

New York is 3 hours ahead of California but it does not make California slow. 

Someone graduated at the age of 22 and waited 5 years to get a good secured job. 

Someone became CEO at 25 and died at 50 while another became CEO at 50 and died at 90.

Someone is still single while someone else got married. 

Obama retires at 55 while trump start at 70. 

Absolutely everyone in this world work on based of  their Time Zones. People around you might seem to go ahead of you. Some might seem to be behind you. 

But everyone running in their own RACE, in their own TIME. Don’t try to mock them, they are in their time zone and you are in your. 

Never ever loose hope. Life is all about fall and rise. It gives us many chances to prove ourselves. 

Life is waiting for the right moment to ACT, so just RELAX. 


You are on your Time zone. 

Journey- away from parents

Journey- away from parents

Someone has rightly said that 

Time is money.

Today I understand it’s deepness.

When a child borns, he’s unknown with the complications which he will suffer when he will grow. When I was child I used to read poetries on Childhood from my English textbooks , and then I used to  think that what’s wrong with these poets. Why are they exaggerating this topic so much.There was nothing special about these poems and I think all were fantasies.


It is truly said that when we have everything,  then we don’t know the price of having it. Exactly same happened when I was child


When I was child I never used to think about my future , money , expenses , family , friend’s. Problem works like beetles both eat a human . 

Friend’s holds very important place in our lifecycle. Friend’s are priceless and always stand by us after our parents. I have many friends on whom I trust more than myself.

Now , I am missing every second about being a child. There are moments when  I feel that I had been a bad fate  when my friends tell their Childhood which they spended with their parents  because somewhere i am lack those memories.

At a very early age , my parents sent me to my  bade-pa to study and to live with them . I was in 1st standard at that time. My badepa got my admissioned in the same school where my cousin (his daughter) used to study. That was Sainik School , don’t go on name it was normal like others nothing special.

 In starting,I felt like crying and lonely and always thinked that why my parents sent me here….don’t they love me !

I used to go to  washroom and cry like seriously I had lost someone special and  asked to God why is he punishing me like this.When my relatives asked my parents that why they are keeping me away from them at very early age , they replied that they are making my future. Man ..! who thinks about one’s future at such an early age.! 

My bade-pa loves me like his own child.Slowly slowly I started getting adjusted in their environment. I made many colony friend’s and we used to  play all those childish games ..(sitolia was one of them)

Today my cousin (who used to study with me ) says that I used to dance like a monkey in middle of girls group . Lol . But I dont remember it .  I just remember that I used to love to make girls laugh.

 We used to play cricket with a sharpener and slate in school .That time sharpeners holded more value than a 10g Gold for us . We used to collect the sharpeners like a baniya collects coins. I really miss those days . 

The feeling of freedom from all problems which are all baits in this world.

I stayed with my bade-pa till 5th standard and then moved back to my hometown for further studies. After so many requests and mellowdrama somehow I convinced my father to let me study in my hometown with my friends. But I think god already made his mind to not to let me study in my hometown with my parents.

Again in seventh standard my parents sent me to Beawer. In beawar I had no one close enough with whom I could share my problem . I was in hostel and school named MANGAL NEWTON school. Till now I got little sense of humor but not much . Now I could travel all alone,anywhere. The hostel was very strange , actually hostel was not much big , only we 10-12 students used to live there.

I can only say about hostel that those days which I spended there were the most important days of my life . Those days taught me how to live in this world . Those days taught me to be good to good ones and bad to bad ones . 

There are people that came in my life and left , but some of them left their footprints in my heart.

There also I met with someone who motivated me at every stage. He used to teach us Taekwondo in our hostel . He used to call me “mahila”…lol ( mahila means women ..he means to say that I am so ugly ..I used to run like a girl ..and every activity I used to do like a woman that’s the reason why he used to call me mahila . This man taught me how to face the challenges and complications which will come in my life. He motivated me at every moment and treated me like a son. He taught me the true meaning of fitness and how much importance it holds in one’s life. If i got success in future then there will be kick of him that made me to touch those heights.

In beawar my scholastics were quite good. I was one of the topper of my class therefore I knew the feeling when the hottest girl of your class asks you for class notes..my god..whole class stared me like I have done somebody’s murder . I had a huge crush on that girl ..man she was so cute . I used to keep password of every social network site by her name.

The epic moment was that the one day the same girl came to my hostel to ask for class notes..that was the moment where I felt that  yes I am  better than others because girl’s entry was strictly prohibited in our campus. She dared to do so.

It was my lousy fate that at that time I didn’t send her facebook freind request..now today I am not at all in contact with her..

There is no perfect time for anything..it’s only you who can make it perfect.Today when I am nineteen I want to give a tight hug and Thankyou to my parents. I am pretty sure that if my parents didn’t sent me away from them ..then today I couldn’t be able to share those priceless experiences in this post. Experiences are must , they teach us and then we can work on them..

Lucky to have Parents 

Sometimes we become so much helpless that instead of helping someone we can’t be able to express our gratitude due to lack of opportunities. 

This was the first time in my life that I felt sorry for someone’s life. This is my first time I am writing a content the reason I also don’t know why.. But may be because I have no one so especial to share, 

someone said me 

“You should share your experience with someone it will teach something to someone”.

 My English is seriously damn very weak so please ignore my mistakes. So here it starts This is a story of a small girl which I met in train.

So it was time of RAKSHABANDHAN HOLIDAYS. I used to study in hostel ( people’s call it a home away from home and I think it’s bullshit).So I got 4 day holidays so I decided to go to home. I reserved my seat in train 10 days before the journey to avoid those GENRAL COACH filthy seats. 

Train was about to leave from my station and I saw a small girl in a hurry and run to catch the train. Anyhow she managed to catch the train and jumped into my coach. And sat on seat opposite to me. 

She was a small girl looks cute, nearly of age 12-13yrs and excited for something which I don’t know. The girl was different from all which we see daily on roads, office, drama. It seems that her emotions are far away from all those MONEY TRAPS and all. 

After nearly 30-40mins the girl asked me my destination and I asked the same. She was going to Indore. Her name was Meena. And then suddenly I was shocked with the next question she raise to me

She asked “Do you have parents“.

 I was shocked because I was not expecting and understand what she wants to try to say. Then 

I replied “ofcourse yes“. 

Girl : You are too lucky that you live with your parent’s 

Me: Why.? Yes I am but this is not a big deal to live with parent’s, everyone lives with their parents only, atleast till their marriage. 

Girl: No, Not everyone lives. Some do exist like me who don’t know their parent’s name and faces.

I was seriously shocked because I have read this type of stories a lot in news, movies but facing it first time in my life. I used to think always why INDIA is still so backs in terms of poverty, why poor people’s are degrading themselves day by day, why the thinking of Indians now also stops on those terms like Untouchablity, Caste, Gender and all and then I feels that absence of such situation in my life must be LIVE. So this is the situation which I am missing from my last 10-12 years.On that day the girl gave me some of my Answers. 

Me: why.!? 

Girl: I was too small nearly of 2-3month old and my parents left me in front of temple because I think they need boy not a girl.! 

I was asking to myself at that time
“Why “.and

When will India rise

Girl started crying. I want to stop her but I was speachless. I am wondering what I should say now. Because there are no words that can cure her emotions. 

Me: There is no need to cry. I can understand your emotions. So after that who used to take care of you.!!?? 

Girl : The temple’s Priest (baba)used to care me after that, the same temple where my parents left me alone. 

Then I thank to God that yes there is still somewhere a Humanity exists. Then I asked her the location of temple and name of baba so that whenever I will get back to Jaipur, I will not miss the chance to thanks his baba for doing such great job. 

Girl: Do you know any Dance Institute in Indore!? I loves Dance. Dance is my life. I am going to Indore for learning the Dance only. 

Me : Why Indore? Does Jaipur don’t have any Good Institute..! Well Jaipur is now having a metro train running. I am sure there are a Good Institutes better than Indore. And why you are going all alone to such large distance.. Why there is no one to assist you.??! 

Girl: No.. Baba said that Jaipur environment is very bad. Here people’s used to take advantage of girl and and demands more money for teaching dance. 

My baba is now living his last days of life.he is suffering from cancer. So she is sending me away that now he can’t take care of me anymore due to his physical inability. 

[I was again shocked by hearing this. I was thinking that she is just a 12years old and leaving alone to live her life. She is going to Indore, the city where every another autorickshaw’s looks for a girl.] 

Me: Do you know anyone in Indore!? 

She denied 

So did you have money because Every Dance Institute demands money. 

Girl: No I don’t have but I will manage by getting some work. 

Many questions started rising in my mind and every question starts with “Why”. 

I want to help her by financially. If I can provide her any of basic neccesity (food, shelter..) it would be a great help. But I was helpless. 

I can see trust in her eyes and emotions on her face. 

This was the first time I saw the real picture of my country..!! 

That day teach me that I how lucky I am that I have parents. We everyone thinks that in time of our struggle our life is worst but we were wrong. There are lakhs of people’s do exist, we can’t imagine of their life. When I reach home a gave a tight hug to my parents and thank to God for giving me parents. Yes I am lucky that I have parents.